More than 200 cyclists participating in Mallorca 312

mallorca 312

The Mallorca 312 celebrated its first edition on Saturday June 5 meeting the expectations of the organisation and with good feelings from participants.

From 07.15 hrs., over two hundred brave cyclists faced the challenge of going around the island by bicycle, covering most of the places of interest to the practice of cycling in Mallorca on a route of 312 kilometres, with the point of departure and arrival at the beach of Muro.

The Austrian Harald Sandner was the first of those enrolled in reaching the goal. This reversed a time of 10 hours, twelve minutes and 16 seconds with an average speed of 30.6 km / h. Behind him, until seventy participants managed to complete the course within the 15 hours required by the organization.


Mallorca 312 also gathered some illustrious names of the international peloton as Pedro Horrillo, Roger Hammond, Joan Horrach, Toni Tauler and Toni Colom.
The participants were very satisfied with the test, which took place in a sunny day with comfortable temperature and not too windy in without any serious incidents.

Simultaneously took place the Decathlon 167 Test in northern Mallorca. The victory went to the Balearic cyclist Pedro Juan Fernandez, who won the 167 km competition in 5 hours and 56 minutes, with an average speed of 28 km / h.

A great success for this first experience of cyclist tour with the largest stage of all those held in Spain and which has many incentives to become an annual interest appointment for lovers of cycling practice at local, state and internationally level.

At this moment, the organisation has announced that Mallorca 312 will take place on Saturday 14th May 2011.

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