News from the “Mallorca 312″ 2011 cyclist challenge

Mallorca 312

The Mallorca 312 Iberostar Challenge has revealed new features of the 2011 edition. With the idea of becoming something more than just the most large tourist cycle challenge of those celebrated in Spain, the organisers have designed a series of activities that will contribute to convert this sport event to the best weekend of the year for his participants practicing his favourite sport. Once again the Iberostar hotel “Playa de Muro” will be the centre of tourist cycling between the 29th of april and the 1st of may.

This time the friday before the test, 29th of aril, after the participants have picked up their back numbers, their runner’s bag and have tested their bikes, they may meet each other in a small tour designed by the organisation, as a warm up after their journey to Playa de Muro. At the same time, the cyclists will be able to find their ideal running mates for an adventure that starts at dawn on saturday, the 30th of april, the Mallorca 312 Iberostar and Decathlon 167 challenge.

Also on friday the 29th of april the organisation has scheduled a talk among the cyclists and the participant number “312” of this years’s edition. Last year’s honoree was Peter Horrillo. Soon will be revealed the name of the cyclist, the number “312” in this year’s test.

Without change is the adventure of traveling around the island of Mallorca, covering the 312 miles of its perimeter. The event will start the 30th of april at seven o’clock a.m. Fourteen hours ahead to meet the target. After the timing closure all participants are invited to regain strength before the awards ceremony and the celebration to be held in the pool at the hotel by the beach.

To complete the recovering from the cycling adventure Mallorca 312 Iberostar and Decathlon 167, sunday will also be an active day. The 1st of may all those participants staying at the Iberostar hotel “Playa de Muro” con use the large, modern and just opened Spa of the hotel for free.

What better way to complete the most marvellous weekend for tourist cyclists.